Antidote Seminar Testimonials

  • I want to share a heartfelt thank you for this past week at the Antidote course. The result has been amazing. This morning was one of the more joy-filled Sundays our church has experienced in quite some time. I can't really explain it other than to say it was just different. Like the Spirit had finally busted through a wall of performing and instead choosing to live in His acceptance. There were tears; there was confession of sin, and we had three trust in Christ. I know it sounds like I'm making this stuff up, but I'm really not. At the end of the service I felt the Spirit saying, "I am this good to YOU."
  • The Antidote conference was perhaps the best I have ever attended. It is not simply a Bible conference, but it is a time of guided reflection, understanding that changes in the church most likely will not come until the pastor identifies his own potentially toxic behaviors. I have already been able to put the principles into practice. I highly recommend The Antidote to anyone, but especially to those who are struggling in ministry.
  • Each day you spend at The Antidote course, you will learn Biblical truths that will transform the way you interact with people in your church or ministry. The course will change the way you handle conflict. You will become aware of behavior patterns in your own life that will help you react to tense seasons of life and ministry in a more healthy way. You will learn how to operate when under stress. I can't recommend The Antidote seminar enough. You will truly be blessed by taking the time to attend.
  • The Antidote class not only presented my wife and I with tools that will be helpful in identifying and preventing potential church conflicts in the future; it also allowed us the chance to look inward and consider our own perspective on ministry. Since attending The Antidote I have been able to repent of some unhealthy attitudes and pursue ministry with a new confidence. I highly recommend The Antidote course.
  • The Antidote helps move the gospel from the most important moment of your life to the sustaining power of your life.