Seminar Information

Antidote Ministry seminars consist of both six lectures and six small group sessions. You will need to register and pay for the seminar through the website or by phone. The lectures average about 90 minutes. The normal procedure for the seminar is for a lecture to be viewed before each small group session. To view the lectures, go to Seminar Lectures.  Then, simply watch the lecture which applies to the next small group meeting you will be attending.

The small groups are also quite simple. The small groups are arranged either in person or on Zoom. Remember, normally you will view one lecture and then attend one small group meeting. Each small group session will last 2-3 hours depending on the number of students. If you are attending the small groups by Zoom, be sure you have the correct time and date for your small group meeting which will be given to you by your facilitator in an email. The facilitator will send you a Zoom link by email so that you can attend each small group meeting. Of course, you will need to have downloaded the free Zoom app to your computer.

If you are taking the course for seminary or Bible college credit, please be sure to follow any additional instructions concerning class assignments in the syllabus which will be provided for each seminar.

Thank you for your interest in Antidote Ministries training. It is our prayer that you will be blessed by this training in the task of conflict proofing your church or ministry and helping you grow much deeper in your walk with the Lord.

Yours in Jesus,

Rev. Christopher P. Creech, Ph. D.
Director of Antidote Ministries
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