As someone who has never aspired to be more than a faithful Christian, the case studies presented in Toxic Church were unsettling, to say the least. I would never have identified the local church as a potential hostile workplace. Why would members of a congregation be so destructive?

Dr. Creech does an excellent job laying it all out and explaining how to deal with such situations. More importantly, he discusses the measures that should be taken to prevent the destructive personalities from gaining control of church leadership in the first place. I have no idea what courses are taught in seminary, but there should be a required course that is built around this book.

Must-have for Pastors

Toxic Church is a must have book for all pastors. The book gives insights into how conflict happens in a church. The author, Chis Creech, has firsthand experience as a pastor in conflict. He has interviewed many church leaders who also were in church conflicts, and has completed lots of research on this topic which is reflected in this book. This can be a very helpful book to both the pastor and church leaders.

Useful and Informative

This was one of the most useful and informative books I've ever read. It is a must read for everyone who is involved in leadership in the church. It not only states the problems and conflicts but gives common sense directions (in alignment with God's Word) on how to overcome destructive situations in the church.

An Eye-Opening Book!

What an eye opening book. I had no idea that there are hundreds if not thousands of Pastors in America who either resign or are forced to resign from their churches every year. I've been through two church-splits in my life and they are not remotely fun.

But Dr. Creech not only describes the situations accurately, but he then gives a Biblical perspective of how a Pastor (and congregation) should react to these issues and how to correct the problems in a church in order to put it back on a Godly track. I have given a copy of this book to my Pastor and told him that I am praying for him. I've also loaned my Kindle edition to my brother who was a long time minister but is now a missionary in Asia teaching at a seminary. I highly recommend this book and pray that America can bring the changes that Dr. Creech describes.