An admirable prescription

My friend, Chris Creech, possesses the gift of prophecy. I wouldn’t recommend him to pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. But, I would call on him to “forth tell” the intricacies and the instigators of conflict in a local church. “The Antidote” is the companion of Chris’s book, “Toxic Church” in which he describes congregations at odds with their pastors in terms not unlike the words used by the prophet Isaiah in the first chapter of the book God inspired him to write. Like the Old Testament prophet, Chris begins with a scathing expose of the sins of pastors and people in “Toxic Church” and follows with “The Antidote” like Isaiah calls the sinners of Judah, “Come now and let us reason, says the Lord.”


It is commendable when a doctor is able to diagnose our ailments and even more admirable when the prescription provides the cure. “The Antidote” prescribes materials and methods churches and pastors may utilize to effectively deal with conflict. The author claims that 80 percent of the situations where the pill is swallowed experience dramatic improvement in spiritual and behavioral health. The combination of lectures and small group exercises leading to Biblical truth and honest confession produce repentance and revival when employed with discipline and humility,

Pastor David W. Barkey | Loveland, Colorado