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Every year thousands of pastors, missionaries and Christian workers are forced from their ministries due to conflict within their local church or ministry team. In addition, thousands of other, seemingly effective Christian workers are forced to devote extreme levels of emotional energy to solve this problem. 

There is an answer. Dr. Creech's book, Toxic Church, describes and defines this problem and lists some of its solutions. However, The Antidote, not only further defines this problem, it also offers an effective, Biblical solution.

The Antidote teaches a simple, oft-ignored Biblical answer which has the potential of stopping conflict entirely. This antidote, along with its accompanying Biblical principles, can give real hope to those who are plagued with the problem of conflicted ministries.

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Every year, thousands of pastors are forced from their ministries, many never to return. Studies reveal that forced terminations. once having occurred in a local church, often repeat themselves in the same church, demonstrating a pattern of dysfunction and difficulty within those fellowships.

In Toxic Church, Chris Creech examines how the patterns of family dysfunction find their way into the life of the local church, often producing severe conflict, causing division, enabling sin and even ending the ministry of the pastor and possibly even the local church.

Chris Creech outlines a plan for recognizing dysfunction within the church family, diagnosing the root causes of that dysfunction, and taking steps to protect the church and the pastor from what many call the epidemic caused by toxic churches and the clergy killers within them.